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MSA just launched an exciting Scout and Management program. This platform is designed for entrapeneurs who are aiming for financial freedom. APPLY TODAY!!!

MSA Launches the SIM Program

( If you are 18 and Older then you can apply! )

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Important Information you need to know


We are 100% compliance to the CPA & POPI Acts All MSA Employees and Management Skills and Development Training paid by the company.  We are Level 4 BBE 

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Important Assessment Information

What happens after you have done the model application?  First things First…. The model application was completed and you have or should have received an immediate response “Application Successfully Submitted”. That message is the confirmation that your application was send to us successfully. You would also have received an email from us with a bit of information. MSA Model Management & Agency does not review the application. The HOD – New Applications at Modelling South Africa (PTY) Ltd does the selection of the new model applications within 1 – 4 days of the application and sends that to us. They will send you a congratulations Email. You must READ and follow the instructions. The administrative department at MSA Model Management & Agency (PTY) Ltd receive the information and instructions the next day. We then send you a SMS and call you to confirm your appointment. You come for your assessment and at the assessment we take you through a 7-process assessment to determine if we would like to offer you a contract or not.   Measurements Screen Test Voice Test Stage Test Personality Test Discussion (Planning) Agreement & Contract Signing   This process can take up to 2 Hours.  

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Q & A

Frequent Asked Questions Who can be a model? Anyone who believes they can make it in the modelling world Does MSA only use Female Models? No, we cater for all ages, both male and female How old can a model be? We cater for all ages –  2 years to 45 years of age How tall must a model be? All models older than 13 years need to be 1,5  meters but not taller than 1,89 meters What type of models do you take? We cater for all categories EXCLUDING Nudity!! What is the SIM Program? It is a Scout Internship and Management Program. It is a program MSA offer aspiring entrapeneurs to learn business through Scouting. The best thing is you get paid once qualified. Do you have to live in Johannesburg to APPLY? We cater for models everywhere in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. What is your banking details? Modelling South Africa (PTY) Ltd. ABSA East Rand Mall Account number: 4086365014 Current account B/Code: 632005 REF: NAME + CELL NO Modelling South Africa (PTY) Ltd. FNB WOODBRIDGE Account number: 62490388602 Current account B/Code: 205609 REF: NAME + CELL NO Do you take plus size

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Model Talk SA

MODEL TALK SOUTH AFRICA  Every model needs advice at some point in their career. Whether you are a new comer into the modelling world or an established model. We embrace the models that are hardworking, passionate and dedicated and reflects professionalism. On the contrary we have models that is exactly the opposite. We do not want to deal with models who are lacking interest, not passionate or dedicated about their careers. We are professionals looking for models who can accomplish our vision. Our own YOUTUBE Channel “Fashion Police SA” – . SUBSCRIBE BY CLICKING IN THE LINK! It will be officially have launched it on the 9th of December 2016. The show’s vision is to give aspiring models a voice, a platform where they can be discovered. Model related news, shows and information will be discussed and shared with you. The MTSA show will look holistically at the negativity of the industry including the people that is destroying the integrity of the industry and the people who are working so hard to uphold and grow the industry for the sake of the models. STAY TUNED 🙂

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Model Tips

Modelling Tips – How to SUCCEED as a Model A model’s best strategy for success is to treat the people who employ them very well. An agent can expose and introduce a model to clients, photographers, and others in a position to employ them, but it is up to the model to favourably impress these individuals. Because of the high fees that models are paid, clients expect a lot. Also, because there are so many models competing for the same assignments, it is not possible to succeed by performing the minimum; a model must be outstanding. Treating their clients well is also the best thing you can do for your agent. When you represent your modelling agent well it enhances his or her modelling agency. The following basic concepts explain a model’s responsibility to his or her clients. Be Punctual Arrive at the time designated by your agent or client. In many markets, models are expected to arrive at assignments 15 minutes prior to the booked time. Ask your agent about your arrival time if special circumstances prevail for a given assignment or if you are unsure about the policy in your market. Be Prepared Arrive at your booking with

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Model Advice

Types of modelling agencies There are almost as many kinds of agencies as there are models who want to be signed up by them. Many people tend to think of modelling in terms of high fashion (glossy magazines, cosmetic campaigns), but if you look at the world around you (eg: billboards, television adverts, promotional events) it becomes immediately clear that this is not necessarily the case. Agencies do not just cater for the editorial / high fashion market. There are many different genres of modelling . It is important to locate yourself, both your strengths and weaknesses, within the appropriate genre. This will not only save a lot of heartache and rejection, but also time and money in the long run as you then target yourself towards the right agency. Fashion / Editorial modelling Tyra Banks has created a television empire around the concept that young girls want to be fashion models . If you watch just one episode of her show, you will realise that making it as a fashion / editorial model is probably the toughest hurdle in the entire modelling industry. To make it as a successful fashion or editorial model, the stipulations from agencies are very

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MSA Model Management & Agency (PTY) Ltd assure all our clients that we comply to the CPA Act and POPI Act.