Important Assessment Information

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What happens after you have done the model application? 

First things First….

The model application was completed and you have or should have received an immediate response “Application Successfully Submitted”. That message is the confirmation that your application was send to us successfully.

You would also have received an email from us with a bit of information.

MSA Model Management & Agency does not review the application. The HOD – New Applications at Modelling South Africa (PTY) Ltd does the selection of the new model applications within 1 – 4 days of the application and sends that to us. They will send you a congratulations Email. You must READ and follow the instructions.

The administrative department at MSA Model Management & Agency (PTY) Ltd receive the information and instructions the next day. We then send you a SMS and call you to confirm your appointment.

You come for your assessment and at the assessment we take you through a 7-process assessment to determine if we would like to offer you a contract or not.


  1. Measurements
  2. Screen Test
  3. Voice Test
  4. Stage Test
  5. Personality Test
  6. Discussion (Planning)
  7. Agreement & Contract Signing


This process can take up to 2 Hours.


There are 4 divisions within MSA to assist Young & Aspiring models with their future as a model.

1 – MSA Management

2 – MSA Agency

3 – MSA Photography

4 – MSA Model & Talent Academy


The services such as Assessments, Testing, Model Books, Portfolios, and other related tools you need in order to do modelling will be done my MSA Management and the Modelling Contract done by MSA Agency.


Good Luck J