Q & A


Frequent Asked Questions

  • Who can be a model?
    • Anyone who believes they can make it in the modelling world

  • Does MSA only use Female Models?
    • No, we cater for all ages, both male and female

  • How old can a model be?
    • We cater for all ages –  2 years to 45 years of age

  • How tall must a model be?
    • All models older than 13 years need to be 1,5  meters but not taller than 1,89 meters

  • What type of models do you take?
    • We cater for all categories EXCLUDING Nudity!!

  • What is the SIM Program?
    • It is a Scout Internship and Management Program. It is a program MSA offer aspiring entrapeneurs to learn business through Scouting. The best thing is you get paid once qualified.

  • Do you have to live in Johannesburg to APPLY?
    • We cater for models everywhere in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world.

  • What is your banking details?
    • Modelling South Africa (PTY) Ltd.
      ABSA East Rand Mall
      Account number: 4086365014
      Current account
      B/Code: 632005

    • Modelling South Africa (PTY) Ltd.
      Account number: 62490388602
      Current account
      B/Code: 205609

  • Do you take plus size models?
    • No unfortunately not

  • What happens after the application has been approved?
    • You will receive an SMS and a phone call to inform you of the next step

  • How do I know this isn’t a scam?
    • The company is registered with CIPC (Registrar of Companies). For more information call Head Office on (011) 823-1292
    • The company is also licensed with Modelling South Africa – License No: MSA-2008/001/SA

  • What is your joining fee?
    • We do not have a joining fee. There will always be costs. Once the assessment is concluded and we know who and what we will be working with can those services be discussed with you.

  • Why do I have to pay for the assessment?
    • This is a professional consultation fee and it also secures your booking appointment. It is a 7 step process – Measurements, Voice Test, Video Test, Photo Test, Personality Test and Discussions.

  • Why do I need to come for an assessment?
    • Unfortunately we don’t accept all applicants and we would need to meet you in person to evaluate you. You would also have to pass the assessment criteria
    • Model Assessment Information

  • Is there any other fees after I pay for the assessment?
    • Yes, however this can only be discussed once you successfully pass the assessment
    • We need to establish what will be needed for you to start your modelling career