Model Tips


Modelling Tips – How to SUCCEED as a Model

A model’s best strategy for success is to treat the people who employ them very well. An agent can expose and introduce a model to clients, photographers, and others in a position to employ them, but it is up to the model to favourably impress these individuals. Because of the high fees that models are paid, clients expect a lot. Also, because there are so many models competing for the same assignments, it is not possible to succeed by performing the minimum; a model must be outstanding. Treating their clients well is also the best thing you can do for your agent. When you represent your modelling agent well it enhances his or her modelling agency. The following basic concepts explain a model’s responsibility to his or her clients.

Be Punctual

Arrive at the time designated by your agent or client. In many markets, models are expected to arrive at assignments 15 minutes prior to the booked time. Ask your agent about your arrival time if special circumstances prevail for a given assignment or if you are unsure about the policy in your market.

Be Prepared

Arrive at your booking with all the items you have been told to provide. Always carry a model bag with your modelling essentials such as, your modelling portfolio, make-up, nude coloured undergarments, lint brush, etc. If you have been given instructions for styling your own hair or applying your own make-up, arrive with all preparations made.

Be Healthy

Always appear at modelling jobs in good physical condition. Get plenty of sleep. Late nights will affect your looks. You should always arrive at your modelling jobs well rested and ready to work. Always appear well groomed (manicured nails, eyebrows tweezed, etc.) and maintain your skin and hair in excellent condition. If you come down with an illness that affects your looks or is communicable, inform your agent immediately. Minor discomforts such as headaches are usually not valid reasons for cancelling obligations.

Have a Good Attitude

Be pleasant and happy. Acquire a positive outlook – don’t complain. Be enthusiastic and eager to work. Be considerate of everyone. Make an effort to enjoy working with the photographer or for the client. Be tolerant of less than ideal circumstances such as inadequate dressing rooms, too hot or too cold weather, clothes that don’t fit, and temperamental co-workers. There are no excuses for putting forth less than your best effort. Be patient.

Be Efficient

Work quickly, but not hastily. Accomplish the client’s objectives without a lot of fuss or difficulty.


Think about how to show the item you are modelling effectively. Think about the client’s objectives and his or her reasons for employing you. Closely follow all instructions you have been given by the photographer. Think about ways to employ the modelling tips you’ve learned. Don’t let your mind wander.

Be Responsible

Take great care with the items you are modelling. Make certain you never damage an item. If you do, offer and be prepared to repair or replace it. Be careful around studio equipment, props, etc. Know what your responsibilities are and don’t blame others for your shortcomings. Observe the job responsibilities of others involved – don’t make it difficult for them to fulfil their obligations.

Be Determined

Go out of your way to provide the items the client requests. Go out of your way to do what the clients want you to do. Make several attempts until you succeed. Don’t try once or twice and give up. Don’t make half-hearted attempts. Make every effort to accomplish the desired results.

Be Professional

Maintain the image that is portrayed in your modelling pictures. Don’t change your hair, gain weight, get a tan, or alter your look in other ways that differ for your photos. Always try to make things easier, not more difficult for your clients.

Be Creative

A good model is inventive. He or she can think of lots of ways to enhance what they are modelling. Their presentation is always fresh and unique. Being full of ideas for moving, posing, expressing, and acting will assure your success.