Modelling Portfolios


Do you know the difference between A STUDIO-MAKE-OVER photo and a PORTFOLIO photo?

You don’t have to be a photographer to spot the difference between makeover pictures and portfolio pictures. After a first look they might look the same but we are going to give you some tips on how to differentiate them and also explain why is so important to have portfolio images if you are going for a modelling career.

Makeover studios are great for obtaining photo frames and to display them as your personal photo album but they are not considered portfolio material by the agencies. If you have ever been to a makeover shoot you will remember that although you had someone to do your make up and even your hair, you probably did not have any help in styling your clothes.

Now think of a mainstream magazine fashion editorial. The photos aren’t only great in technique (light, make up, hair, styling) but they also tell a story to the reader. That’s what the industry calls an editorial shoot; the kind of things that agencies want to see in a model portfolio. Agencies like to have the clear idea of how a certain individual will look in an editorial shoot and professional portfolio pictures depict this. It is also important to remember that your images will need to be retouched, and well presented, usually in size 8 by 12 (inches) in a portfolio book.

To resume, portfolio images should be digitally extremely good in technique (the light is the most important aspect), which implies that the photographer should be a professional in the industry, they should be re-touched and tell a story that is created by the make-up artist and the stylist and they are the only ones accepted by the model agencies.

Here are some examples of ‘studio-makeover shots’ we have made for you. After a more careful look you can see that this is not portfolio material, observe the quality of the light, the clothes used by the model, the make-up, the picture composition (is there any?). Also, take a look at the model’s face. Does it look like she was being directed in the photo shoot? Do these pictures resemble in any sense a fashion editorial that you would see in a magazine? We don’t need to tell you that the answers to this question is no